August 7th & 8th

Today, July 23rd, is the last day of registration.
August VG Prep Meeting
July 24 at 1:00 PM
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Do you need a full size takadai or core stand for the August Virtual Gathering? Or do you have one to sell? Send your information to the VG email below and AKS will work to match up potential buyers and sellers.

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Saturday, August 7th 2021

Exploring the Possibilities in Andean Braids

Andean Braids Class Description: Core braids are an exciting addition to the repertoire of jewelry makers, clothing and accessory designers, and sculptors.

How to Add Specialty Beads to Your Designs

Double Layered Necklace: A Sample of Adding Specialty Beads Class Description: Have you ever wondered how to create unique beaded kumihimo braids where …

Royal Persian

A close up of the focal area Class Description: The Persian Royal Necklace is a combination of Kumihimo and Bead Weaving. The handmade focal bead…

Sunday, August 8th 2021

Manipulating Color and Structure in Takadai Braids

Rep Braids Shadow Weave Braids Class Description: Color choice can make your braid sing or mumble. After you learn the basics of following braiding…

The Many Interlacements of Sennit Braids

Examples of the Interlacements of Sennit Braids Class Description: Sennit braids are plaited strands made from cording, yarn, or other fibers…